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About Rebecca

Greetings, fellow glasskicker!  My name is Rebecca Simmons and I am a proud life/leadership/empowerment coach! It's an honor to share a little about my story...

I left a successful HR career feeling stuck, burned out, broken and completely out of tune with who I was.  I knew I was being called to something higher, to serve others, and promote positivity and light.  When I was able to open myself up and answer the call, the voice was clear!  I am now a leadership and empowerment coach ready to help amazing professional women shed the patterns that keep them burned out and get clear about a powerhouse direction for a badass career & life.

I believe in women supporting other women to achieve higher goals.  I believe in accountability.  I believe in responsibility to give to others what has been given to me.  I believe in the law of attraction.  I believe that if you are aligned with your gifts, personal values, stay grateful, and make your deepest and highest desires clear and known, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving them.

I am based out of Kentucky, where I have been born and raised.  I am a mama to a sweet boy named Harrison.  I love movies, creating playlists on Spotify, living room dance parties, and travel!

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