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At Least...

I just got back from an amazing week at the beach! It was a last-minute opportunity to visit my mother-in-law in her new home just blocks from the ocean. Before my personal revolution of living a more abundant life, I would have turned this opportunity down cold. I would be able to find approximately 1,367 reasons why I should not go. Work needs me, cannot afford it, my son’s schedule will be out of whack, stuff to do around the house, nothing to wear, this body ain’t beach ready, the list goes on and on. I shoved all these excuses to the dumpster and decided to go for it! It was so worth it!

One day during this trip I was walking along the beach with my phone in hopes to capture some cute pics of my son playing in the waves. A risk, I know, being that close to the water with my phone. My phone case caught my eye and I admired it for a moment. The phone case is a very “beachy” aesthetic with varying pictures of water. I remembered that I bought this phone case in Summer 2020 when I had to cancel my family beach vacation partially due to COVID restrictions, partially because I felt that my company needed me, and it would create an undue hardship on the team if I left or even took a few days off to just be with my family. (This is a symptom of a toxic work environment by the way, but more on that in a future blog.)

I purchased this phone case with the literal thought that if I cannot be at the beach soon, then AT LEAST I can see the water every day. At the very minimum, I can have little images of beach water on my mobile device that can remind my little broken heart that COVID has impacted so many lives and that I chose my company over my mental wellbeing. When I am using “at least”, I am focusing on the bare minimum in my life, which is what I will always receive. WORDS MATTER!

Fast forward to Spring 2021. I have left that job that was no longer fulfilling me and allowing me to live my best life. I have made huge mindset shifts that eliminate the need for limiting language and thoughts. AT LEAST is no longer in my vocabulary. Travel is one of my heart’s desires, and this year I will have multiple opportunities to get down to the beach, which is my soul resetting happy place!

What limiting thoughts and language plague you and keep you small? Here are some additional examples:

  • I should… – This is guilt and shame inducing. ‘Shoulding’ all over yourself never helped anyone!

  • I can’t… – But can you? When we say we cannot do something, this is usually code for “we will not”. The next time you say you can’t, think about it. Want to change jobs but you say you can’t because of (fill in the blank with all your self-limiting excuses)? Get curious and honest about this. Are you physically limited to stay in a job you are unhappy with? Call a thing a thing and change your mind!

  • I don’t have time… - This is an excuse we often tell ourselves when we do not want to do something. People who truly want to get something accomplished make the time!

Back to my phone case. I still love the imagery on my phone, but now it does not remind me of the bare minimum I can have in my life. It reminds me of everything I CAN have in my life! I envision abundance, which includes travel, flexibility, and helping other women find their path to success! Remember, that glass ceiling you put over your life is not unbreakable. Let’s kick glASS together!

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