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Updated: Apr 2, 2021

As the world saw the close of the disastrous year of 2020 and looking forward to the hope that 2021 would bring. Like many people, I was exhausted from the emotional tug of war that comes from 9 months of managing life in a pandemic, balancing work and monitoring the health of myself and my family, while also sorting out the frenzied energy that comes with living in a city with deep pain from civil unrest. The ups and downs in my own 2020 experience were dramatic peaks and valleys. Being in a Human Resources career during a pandemic meant mass layoffs, difficult conversations around permanent reduction in force, and widespread company structural changes. Through all of this, my career soared. I received a promotions and a significant pay increase. I was highly favored and trusted among the top executives. My career was finally clicking into place. So why did I feel like total and complete shit? From a career perspective, everything was moving into place. However, the survivor’s guilt of being at work when others couldn’t, working long hours, finding solace in food, alcohol, and cigarettes, disconnect from my husband and son, all proved to be high prices to pay. My valued relationships were suffering, my weight was the highest it has ever been outside of pregnancy, I was drinking more than I had in years, and I picked up smoking again (telling myself it was just stress smoking). My energies were spent chasing the vapid high of building my career by making my bosses happy in an environment where you must eat or be eaten. Eventually, the screaming in my head was too loud and I finally had enough.

In a moment of clarity and awakening in December 2020, I said to my husband one evening, “What if I quit my job, go back to school, we sell the house and move?” Brace for impact. My husband essentially said, “let’s do it”. It wasn’t long before I had applied to my school program, got accepted, we listed the house and we were on our way to a new experience.

In January 2021, with the hope of a new year, new mindset and vigor, I left my job and began my journey to true self care, a concept I am learning about for the very first time. I learn more and more every single day.

I have always felt and have known I am meant for something huge. That screaming in my soul I felt last year was a calling. I choose to answer. I want the universe and my spirit guides to use me and my spiritual gifts to help others. I believe in women supporting other women to achieve higher goals. I believe in accountability. I believe in responsibility to give to others what has been given to me. I believe in the law of attraction. I believe that if you are aligned with your gifts, personal values, stay grateful, and make your deepest and highest desires clear and known, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving them.

With this, my coaching business is born! I am looking forward to utilize my education and life experiences to assist other strong women along the road to success and alignment with their higher purpose!

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