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Is it time for a P.I.V.O.T.?

If you recall in the 1990’s, one episode of the popular prime time television show Friends featured beloved characters Ross, Rachel, and Chandler moving a couch up a stairwell. For anyone who has attempted such a task, we know that it is no small feat. Maneuvering furniture around and up a significant obstacle with David Schwimmer repeating, “Pivot. Pivot. PIVOT!!!” became a memorable scene for years to come. If you were not around for the Friends era or you cannot quite conjure this scene, check it out. It is worth the watch! (Click here for video of the clip if you're interested!)

Life can sometimes feel like we are moving a couch upwards through an unforgiving corridor. When it no longer fits in one angle, we must pivot and adjust course. I found myself ending 2020 with an intense knowing that my entire life’s trajectory was misaligned with where I wanted to go. I had a successful career, and I was making great money! On the outside everything was clicking into place. On the inside, I was miserable. My job demanded long hours, emotional rollercoasters that came with being in Human Resources during a global pandemic, and minimal time and space for family. I turned to food and alcohol for solace, but those methods were not great support mechanisms. After taking inventory of where I was in life, I decided to pivot.

I left corporate America to start my own business coaching professionals to achieve higher purpose and kick down glass ceilings. Overall, I have found that 2020 allowed many people to become introspective and assess what is truly important in their lives. If you have not done this, there is no time like the present!

If you are finding yourself in a career/relationship/friendship/school program/fill in the blank that is no longer serving you or your values, then it is time for a pivot. Here are some things to consider to find your path:

  • Prioritize – Take some time to journal what is truly important to you. Being present and deploying curiosity with our current circumstances is critical in trying to determine what your next steps should be. Think about these questions and make yourself a priority to jot down some notes about what is coming up for you. What is going well? What is not going so well? How are your values aligned or misaligned with what you do each day? If you had unlimited resources (time, money, etc.) what would you be doing? Are you taking actions currently to move toward higher goals? What are your passions in life? What is something in the world you would fix if you had the power?

  • Initiate a Plan – When you have taken the time to determine what is most important to you and how you would like to align with your higher purpose, you will begin to have a clearer path to leveling up. Perhaps you will pursue finding a new job, or even a new career path! Maybe your next steps involve pursuing more responsibility or a broader challenge at work. Whatever you are being called to do, make a plan that involves goals and objectives with realistic timelines. Do something every day that moves you in the right path!

  • Visualize – If you cannot visualize yourself finding success along this new path, then no one else will either. When you take the time to clearly visualize your unique picture of what success looks like, you are more likely to take steps to level up in order to get there! Not to mention, visualization is an important piece of attracting success and becoming a magnet for our deepest desires. Find a quiet moment to actually close your eyes, pay attention to your breath, get comfortable in your seat, and relax your jaw. Imagine yourself living your best life, completely living your higher purpose and being in a fulfilled space. Use these questions to help you visualize: Who is around you? What career are you in? Where do you live? What are your relationships like? Really lean in to your visual of what your best life/job/relationship looks like in your wildest dreams. When you are done visualizing, write it down! Draw a picture, create a vision board, tell a friend, whatever medium makes it real for you. Seeing success in your mind and writing it down sends flare signals to the universe to send goodness your way!

  • Own your path! – This path that you are on is no one else’s but yours. Own it! Make sure you are making this shift for you and you alone. The moment you expend energy into a ‘glow up’ out of revenge, or want to feel validated by someone you respect (or someone you don’t respect), you are acting outside of your own best interest. These paths are flawed and have drawbacks. People will undoubtedly question your choices or make suggestions about your goals. Your own inner critic will creep in as well. Take some time to prepare yourself for these moments of criticism or unsolicited advice. When you have prioritized your values, initiated a plan, visualized your success clearly, your future is yours for the taking! Remember, your inner critic is trying to keep you safe from danger. All this accomplishes is keeping you small and operating in fear. You are living your story as you write it. Be BOLD! Be YOU! Step into the light!

  • Treat Yourself! – First, give yourself permission to celebrate. Celebrate every choice, every decision that you make that leads you to your goals! Too often we reserve celebration for the ultimate goal accomplishment. I suggest starting with celebration then carry it through your journey! If we cannot have fun through the process, why do it at all? Celebrate your mistakes too. Think back on previous journeys you have taken. Did you learn more from the bumps in the road or when things were easy? Find someone who is trustworthy and supportive of you without question. Share your triumphs with this person, brag on yourself! Random dance parties, picnic in the park, get a fresh hairdo, whatever your particular brand of celebration calls for, DO IT! You earned it.

I am excited to cheer you on in your path to fulfilling your wildest dreams! Whether it is a slight pivot or a hard left turn, I have your back. Change is hard and not without challenges, but if you have the right preparation in place, willingness to knuckle down, and a celebratory mindset, the rest is just details! Kick glass, my friends!

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