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Just jump in...

This summer has been so much fun! I am so grateful for all the pool time and summer fun we have experienced. When I was working 80 hours a week in Corporate America, I rarely had time for fun in the sun. Now that I have switched gears and I am my own boss, it feels so good that I get to spend so much time with my boy and carve out time for FUN!

My son started out the summer being very uncertain about being in the pool if he could not touch the bottom. He was very uneasy in the water unless it was the shallow area. It almost seemed like learning to swim was not in the cards for him right now. I could tell he was longing to swim like the other kids. He always managed to have fun, but it just wasn’t the same. The other kids jumping and splashing, using the entirety of the pool to their advantage. No matter how much my husband and I encouraged him to give swimming a try, he just could not muster up the courage.

Then something amazing happened! I snagged some of those little arm floaties in the clearance section on a whim. This was a GAME CHANGER!

My kiddo immediately took off for the deep end and has never looked back. You see, he had all the skills he needed to swim. We showed him numerous times the mechanics of swimming and keeping his body on top of the water. What he lacked was confidence. He needed an extra sense of security to take off on his aquatic journey!

My son used those floaties for a few weeks. He quickly decided to start trying to swim without them. One floatie got a hole and became unusable. Now, my friend, he doesn’t need them at all. Of course, I’m the proudest parent ever. My boy is a SWIMMER! No lessons other than his own confidence building experience!

Isn’t this just like life? We may have the skills but we refuse to acknowledge or use them. We may have everything before us that shows us we can step up and out of our comfort zone but we stay in the shallow end of the pool. Sure, we could jump into the deep end, but what IF…

What if I drown?

What if I look stupid?

What if I don’t do it right?

What if I make a mistake?

“What if” keeps us small, unseen, and unheard.

What type of floatie do you need to help you step out into the deep end? I encourage you…no…I CHALLENGE you to explore that this week! What is keeping you small, unseen, and unheard? We are not meant to be these things! Growing, learning, and expanding is scary, big, visible, and loud!

Whatever you are desiring in your life right now, you can absolutely have it! You are worth it!

So here we go…

Walk back from the ledge 5 paces.

Take off.

Leap into the air.

Plunge into the deep end.

Swim as hard as you can, Sis!

You might just get your desires and have fun doing it!

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